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Cooking and use of the Kitchenette

Cooking and use of the kitchenette

For your convenience and personal safety, please ensure that you read these instructions before using the kitchenette.

Prior to cooking please turn on the overhead range hood and open the windows (do not open the door to the corridor at any time whilst cooking).

Excess steam and smoke can trigger the smoke detectors located in your apartment. If you accidently set off the fire alarm in your apartment you have 30 seconds to deactivate it.

To deactivate the alarm:

  • Press the FIRE ALARM SILENCE Button located next to the apartment door.
  • DO NOT open the door to the hallway as this will trigger the main fire alarm and will force an evacuation of the entire building.
  • Call reception by lifting the handset and entering 0 from your apartment telephone to advise it was in fact a false alarm.


Cooking fragrant or odorous foods is prohibited in apartments

Cooking food that contains curry or other strong spices, fish, and/or is predominantly oil-based, results in strong cooking odours which permeate through hallways and other areas of the property. These odours are also absorbed into apartment furnishings and are very challenging to remove.

If you cook fragrant food in your room you will be required to pay for furnishings (carpet, cushions, bedding, etc) to be professionally cleaned, deodorised, and/or replaced.

Kitchenette Appliances

All microwaves, cook-tops (hobs), and refrigerators have safety isolating switches located on the wall in the kitchenette. When you have finished cooking please switch the ‘hob’ switch off. Please do not switch the refrigerator or microwave off.

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