Gilmer Apartment Hotel Wellington

0508 444 5637 - (04) 978 1400 - 10 Gilmer Terrace Wellington

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Apartment Hotel Access

Reception Hours

Our reception hours are 7.30am to 8.00pm on weekdays and 8.00am - 5.00pm on weekend and public holidays. Please follow instructions for accessing the property during your stay outside these hours.

Entering the property after-hours

Upon checking in, you will receive an apartment key and grey sensor tag. The sensor tag provides after-hours access through the main reception door. A sensor unit is located outside the main reception door. The unit displays a red light. Swipe the sensor tag across the sensor unit. The unit will beep and the light will change to green when activated. This will unlock the door.

Note: Please keep the grey sensor tag clear of all eftpos/credit cards, mobile phones, TV's and other electronic devices as these may erase the tag's magnetic code.

Exiting the property after-hours

You can exit the building through the main reception door after-hours by pressing the door release button. This is located on the wall, to the left of the door.

Gilmer Apartment Hotel Wellington

10 Gilmer Terrace Wellington 6011 New Zealand
Reservations call 0508 444 5637 or (04) 978 1400